Pranic Diet For All Round Well Being


Pranic Diet For

All Round Well Being

In my 52 years of life there has been one thing that I have experimented with a lot and that is my diet. I was born and brought up in a family where my dad used to cook amazing non veg curry while he himself was a vegetarian. My mom and I had always been fond of meats of all kinds till one fine day my mom too declared her conversion to vegetarianism. I tried my best to control my taste buds but couldn’t for long thus became the lone occasional meat eater in the family. Though now it feels so kiddish but as a teenager that feeling of cooking and eating a special meal all by and for yourself felt very empowering.

Struggling with my weight issues and love for eating (anything and everything) made me struggle with ways of eating too. From hardcore non-vegetarianism to veganism; from pescitarianism to Ovo-Lacto vegetarianism, I have done it all. I wish I could avoid mentioning the sub diets like Atkins, Whole30, Dash, Paleo, Mediterranean so on and so forth under the main ones here. All these different ways of eating affected my life (physical as well as emotional) in different ways.

Now what? Yes, that is the question I ask myself…. Now which diet change should I follow in order to just stay healthy and energetic! Answer to this is a Pranic diet. Yes, Now I want to try this diet which seems to be good for physical, intellectual as well as psychological health. Let me share what I have understood about Pranic diet. Here is Pranic Diet For All Round Well Being

What is a Pranic Diet?

In the Indian yogic culture, ten thousand years back, it was accepted that if human beings eat foods with a complex genetic code, their system will break down. That is why now researchers concluding that eating non vegetarian food is leading to cardiac issues and various cancers.

As the name suggests Pranic has been derived from Prana that means ‘the vital energy’. So Pranic food is the one that helps us imbibe prana in ourselves. Prana is present in almost all the fresh vegetables and fruits. If we opt to eat a Pranic Diet then that means we need to choose foods that are high in Prana. There are three kinds of Pranic Food which can make or mar one’s well being.

Positive Pranic Foods

This group includes fruits, vegetables, nuts, sprouts and honey as these enhance alertness, better nervous systems and intellect in our body. Among all these Ash Gourd and Honey are considered to be best positive Pranic food types.

My Take….

Well, I think I can do this way of eating as I love all fruits and vegetables in all forms. Though Ash Gourd (Petha) I have never tried as a vegetable because for me Petha is perceived as the traditional Indian sweet famous from Agra, Uttar Pradesh. Honey is an issue since sometimes I get allergic to it… Hmm! Can’t really say.

Negative Pranic Foods

are those which are addictive stimulants. Foods like garlic, tea, coffee provide a kick/ energy boost for a little while but cause energy withdrawal later. Among the many other foods the most common Negative Pranic Foods are garlic, onion, asafoetida, chilli, egg plant (brinjal).

My Take….

Now this list is very disturbing for me as I can never imagine my meals without these. Most interesting is Egg Plant which according to Ayurveda, destroys Hypothalamus – part of the brain that helps in decision making. Now I understand why we call it ‘Baingan’ in Hindi; one that is without any quality, Be-Gun.

Garlic tops in the biggest negative Pranic food list. It is considered good to be taken only as a medicine to control cholesterol, not as a daily food item.

Zero Pranic Foods

These are just two and that is the basis of all Indian meals…. Potato and Tomato.Pranic Diet

My Take….

That means my salads and soups will have to be without Tomato now! Hmm! Potato in any case I don’t take fancy to.

5 Rules of Pranic Diet for Well Being

There are many rules for following a Pranic Diet but the top 5 are a must to be followed.

  1. Do not use pre-cut vegetables. Cut the vegetables fresh at the time of cooking for each meal. Pre-cut vegetables means losing some of the Prana already. So buy whole uncut vegetables and fruits for best results.
  2. Eat organic (Very costly) or at least locally grown foods as much as possible. Organic foods have more Prana than those grown with using chemical fertilizers and pesticides. I understand that consuming toxins from vegetables and fruits would never help you with good results from Pranic Diet.
  3. Do not eat dead foods like frozen, canned, packaged, processed, bottled, fermented or leftover foods. These are mostly too old to be healthy or pranic.
  4. Ayurveda recommends eating all flavors in a Pranic meal. That would also help not getting bored with foods and crave for junk.
  5.  Do not over cook the food and just sauté fresh vegetables in light oils or ghee.

I am already trying to follow a Pranic Diet for my well being. Though it’s going to be a little difficult for a foodie like me but I am sure if done consciously, it is going to be a great new journey. After all what is life if not an experiment at every step.

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