Alone Is Not Lonely

Alone Is Not Lonely

Alone Is Not Lonely

I was raised in a family where no vacations meant family gatherings. Those times were different, laid back and fun. Today the world is different. We have  all turned into islands by ourselves busy fighting our own battles.

I am reminded of John Donne, who wrote in the 17th century…..

“No man is an island entire of itself;

every man is a piece of the continent, 

a part of the main”

These words have a totally different connotation in today’s world. life is so full of twists and turns that to evade all the meaningless drama itself has become a struggle. Competition, ostentatiousness, fake sympathizers are more than enough to cause emotional disarray in daily lives.

Why be a loner?

People who love to socialize consider me an egoist. Who cares! I feel comfortable cut off from the physical world. Despite of my efforts I find myself incapable of not getting affected by negativity.  I have accepted that there is no point in wasting my energy on people who do not wish to change but I can surely save my positivity. Staying away from people  is a compulsion to keep my soul alive.

Conflict between heart and mind is about

being ‘alone’ and feeling ‘lonely’

Everyone is entitled to their own way of seeing things. Who are we to pass judgement? If I decide to be alone, it is because I feel real about myself. I do not wish to keep giving a fake smile, handling all the people who want to know how am I managing without any social life.

The vibes of intrusive individuals create an undesired conflict between my heart and mind. Heart makes me remember old times and pushes towards ‘My’ people. Logical mind says, “Oh, stop thinking of others. Get a life and stop hurting yourself hearing blunt cutting words.”

Heart shouts, “No, you cannot run away from life. Get back to your people for they represent life.”

It is difficult to shut up conflicting thoughts but wise to do so. This conflict is all about ‘Being alone and feeling lonely.’ Loneliness creeps in slowly once we begin staying alone. There comes the need to understand the difference between being ‘alone’ and being ‘lonely’.

One might love to be alone but that doesn’t mean the person is lonely. If one keeps busy, there can never be any moment of loneliness.

I never feel lonely as I stay connected online with clients I mentor for fitness and health blog. I love to be with my dog and kids because they make me laugh and smile.

“Peace is the final destination

and calm,

key to eternal joy.”

Life is better when calm and composed. Tranquility can be achieved when we have a purpose in life. The ultimate goal of any life is to acquire peace of mind. If that comes by staying alone away from obtrusive people, is it a bad deal?

The view from the top
Alone but never lonely

Loner by choice….

I am a loner by choice because I wish to lead a meaningful life without any stressful emotional anarchy. 

Making my own rules to lead a happy and positive life is more important to me so I need to decide my personal moments of joy, without bothering about other’s ego issues.

My life choices don’t require anyone’s validation because I know my inner strength is enough to fight my own demons.

“Alone is not lonely.

One just prefers to enjoy the view from above without getting involved.”

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