My Experience With Keto Diet

I needed to lose weight and I ate this...

My Experience With Keto Diet

I believe whatever happens in life, happens for a reason. My experience says that today what pains you might be the biggest joy in our lives tomorrow. I say so with experience that began with a depressed fat woman, wanting to lose weight without compromising her messed up lifestyle. I didn’t have any control over my physical as well as emotional self. My life was a non-stop cycle of crying, eating, sleeping, cribbing and eating again. Then I recaptured my life in such a way that today I had a personal success story to narrate. Today I blog positive notes because I have tried to overcome the negatives in my life.

One fine day, I just stumbled upon a new way of eating on internet. It was about cutting grains, dairy, fruits and sugar in all forms.  This was a diet that was very low on carbohydrates and high on fats. I was ready to eat non vegetarian meals without grains but giving up on fruits and sugar was just too much.  I never thought that I could have butter and cheese as snacks. That was for the first time I understood that fats can be healthy too.

Keto diet
I needed to lose weight and I ate this…

My life changing experiment…

I was a sugar addict  and a ban on fruits and dairy was the biggest challenge, I decided to throw myself in. First week was a torture. I craved but didn’t cave in as I decided to exercise along with controlling food. By the end of first week, I had lost seven kilos weight. I gasped with joy and decided to stay on this wonderful way of eating.

By the end of two months of my new way of eating, I was already thirty kilos down. At this point of time I realized that I was following a diet which was known as ‘Keto(genic) diet’.  Happy with the great results, I decided to stay on it forever.

Then everything stopped moving…

Thirty kilos had vanished but after that everything stopped moving. No change in weight affected my motivation levels too. I increased workouts and decreased calories. Nope, nothing seemed to work.

It was time to travel and I was forced to eat carbs in the form of Dosa, Idli, Sambhar, Rice and chapatis. Four days of a back to carbs diet (no sweets) made me depressed again and I started feeling like a failure. After four days when I stepped on the weighing scale, I cried. Yes, I cried with joy because I had lost another four kilos. That was the time I came to know about carb cycling and body getting into fasting mode.

You gain some and lose some….

From 98 kilos, I was down to 67 kilos but in the excitement of losing weight rapidly, I didn’t realize the changes my body was going through internally.

Positive changes were:

  • A wonderful high in my energy level
  • Peaceful sleep without any Apnea and snoring issues
  • Off all hypertension medicines
  • Asthma, Thyroid issues under control
  • Improved dressing sense

Negative changes were:

  • A faded complexion (I didn’t take any multi vitamins and other supplements)
  • A little lose skin with lots of stretch marks (It is natural when you lose excess weight and your skin starts shrinking)
  • Lots and lots of hair loss (No one told me about having biotin supplements)
  • Worst negative of Keto Diet was gaining back more than half of the lost weight once you start getting back to your regular Indian meals.
  • Over-confidence that you can restart anytime. No, once you lose track, it is not that easy to restart and get the same quick results.

Keto is a lifestyle. no magic…

Once I lost my flow and steam, I unknowingly got back to my sugar addiction and grains. That resulted in my weight gain again. Though, I woke up in time and regained my control over myself, yet its a slippery road.

The win-win situation…

My Keto life was a wonderful experience that made me regain my health, heart and most importantly my long lost self confidence. As I mentioned in the beginning, when we go to our lowest, it means that we are going to bounce back with more power and strength.

I left the battle in between because I couldn’t persist and persevere. But isn’t that true about overall life too? We lose our battles due to lack of perseverance and persistent.

Today also I am on my weight loss journey but on a different track. I did not lose my basic track, rather I made a conscious decision to change my track seeing my present physical conditions.

The path might be different, what matters at the end of the road is the sight of your destination point. Yes, I can see it somewhere down the road. Till then I keep walking my path to success because life is all about reaching your destination, safe and healthy.


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