A New Day Never Fails Anyone With Life Goals

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A New Day Never Fails Anyone With Life Goals

Robert Browning said, “My sun sets to rise again” and a vain young girl with well ironed life goals smirked, “Well, Mr Browning, every one’s sun sets to rise again.” Little did she know that the sun, she always took for granted would decide to shy away from her sky.

Life is an amazing phenomenon. It kicks you real hard when you think all is going just perfect as planned and if you survive that jolt, you come out a winner. That is why we call it ‘Life Cycle’. I am that vain girl who after being through intense sadness and emotional suffering realized one day that situations don’t change, you have to change your perception. If you look at every life event as just an experience towards your growth, without getting attached, you will never suffer in life. Believe me, it is not as difficult as we think.

If failure and disappointment are dark night, the rising sun is, announcement of a fresh beginning. The recent changes in my life proves right when they say, “There is never a night or a problem that could defeat sunrise or hope.” Hope doesn’t mean the perfect ending of your choice but a push towards another conscious effort to move many steps further towards your life goals.  

There was a time when I used to get overwhelmed watching the setting sun as I considered it the sad end of another day in my life. Now, I cherish the same view just because my perception of things are changing. Setting sun now is hope for me of a new day, a new life experiences.

Failure and success does not matter to those who consider life as a constant journey. A journey that makes you imbibe your truth by outgrowing old ideas is always a grand success. If you refuse to find your self back from the twisted reality that you see as “your” life, then your life journey would be a meaningless failure.

Life tests you, tires you off, so rest if you must but never quit making a new effort. All that you need is clear goals for your life, sharp focus and relentless conscious efforts. If you have dared to dream, then you have to keep taking steps forward until you reach your goal. Each small step in the scorching heat matters if taken with faith and conviction.

Remember, a new day never fails anyone. All you got to do is take that first step towards your life goal and keep moving ahead.

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