Miracles Happen


Miracles Happen

How do we define the word ‘Miracle’? The dictionary meaning is, “An extraordinary and welcome event that is not explicable by natural or scientific laws.”
Yes, that is right. Miracle cannot be explained thus easily attributed to divine intervention. I had always been experiencing miracles since my childhood which made me believe ‘Miracles happen’.
As a child I have beautiful memories of a lot of spiritual activities taking place in our home. We were active members of Shri Satya Sai Sewa Samiti way back from 1976 to 1987 in Chamba, Himachal Pradesh. From morning meditation sessions and Prabhaat pheri to 48 hours Sankirtan marathon, I participated in all.
Those were the days when we used to meet people narrating miracles happening in their lives in the forms of sprinkling of Vibhooti and honey droplets on the framed pictures in the pooja room. It was very confusing hearing and seeing all that. How I wished such things would happen in our pooja room too.
One fine day, it did happen. There was kirtana going on and I could see Vibhooti and Amrita (Ash and water droplets) emerging in front of my eyes. Was it a miracle! May be yes or may be no, but it surely was an answer to my silent prayers to see all that happening in my home. That day was just the beginning of various other such miracles happening all over our place.
It was in 1978 when I first went with my parents and a big group of devotees to Puttaparthi for Baba’s darshan. At that age, I was too young to have unwavering
faith on anything or anyone as I was questioning and challenging things and moments all the time. I had a skin trouble in the form of multiple warts all inside my toes and one was really troublesome as it was itchy and bled. I don’t know why, but I felt ashamed to tell about those warts to my parents. Only my maternal grand mother knew about it since she too had similar ones all over her hands and feet. That was like a shameful secret of my life.  Oh! please don’t ask me why, because even I won’t know the answer. I laugh at myself now thinking about the foolish ideas of perfection, I nourished in my mind then.
The day we had to go for the ‘Darshan’, I prayed secretly in the morning for two things. First one was to cure me of those ugly looking and painful warts and second was that one of my favourite teachers, who always took pleasure in calling Sai Baba a fake, should start believing in Baba. These were all in my thoughts and none in the group knew about my prayers.
The whole day was hectic with various spiritual engagements so at night I was too tired and slept off early. The very next morning, I was getting ready for the visit to the ashram when I suddenly realized that my slippers didn’t hurt my toes. I looked down towards my feet…… there were no signs of any warts anywhere. I pushed back my shirt sleeves….. No….. No….. Not possible…. I couldn’t believe my eyes. My arm skin was all clear. I sat down and started crying.

Was that a dream or reality?

I pinched the spot on my forearm where,  till a day back, the bleeding wart existed. Oops! I was awake not dreaming. That day my parents came to know how I had been suffering due to the those warts. Of course it took them a while to understand and acknowledge the miracle that just happened in my life.
After the completion of one week trip to Puttaparthi, I joined the school back. My favourite teacher called me on one side and asked me for a picture of Baba. “But, you never had any faith in Baba!” I was shocked.
“Yes, I never had but I read a few books on his spiritual philosophy and I believe in Baba now.”
WOW! what exactly was that?
Wasn’t it a miracle? If not, then what else is?
Miracles happen in our lives so that we should start believing in the ultimate power of spirituality and universe. They are just simple messages from the universe, “You are being cared for. Keep living, keep loving life.”
Miracles teach us gratitude and thankfulness. They are indication of hope even when everything is lost.
I am grateful and thankful to the super power of the universe to have blessed me always in one form or other.
PS. This post is the result of my refreshed belief system and in no way intends to convince anyone about anything that doesn’t pass their personal beliefs.
Soon to come…. The power and practice of Ho’Oponopono is healing me on a daily basis.


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