Can You Change Life In One Moment?


Can You Change Life

In One Moment?

One moment can change life

‘Yes, One Moment Can Change Life’

(A step in self development)

In the past few months I had been dabbling a lot with mind control and inner peace. Thinking of the spiritual reality made me feel so  exhausted that I aborted the effort many times. Believe me, it is very easy to control others but controlling own mind is the most difficult task in the world.

Recently, I realized that one moment can change life if you become aware of what is happening inside you. This happened after I found Ho’Oponopono prayer. 

Who doesn’t have problems in life, but how many of us analyse the situations we are in without judging and blaming others! I too have various issues with my relationships with others as well as myself. After contemplating a lot about the life problems, I took a step towards redemption by making an effort to zero down everything to that one ‘rift causing trigger point’. That exercise made me think of getting control over that one moment which can change life. 

We are our past memories….

We human beings are what our memories have made us. All this data called memory, carve our personalities. Let me be honest, it took me a lot of effort to understand and internalize this basic truth. I tried meditation but thanks to my ‘Monkey Mind’, I repeatedly failed in all my efforts to concentrate.

I was a broken soul, continuously shattering into smaller bits with every passing day. All I wanted was an anchor and belief that life was not going to be always the same. My sixth sense told me that times are going to get better, but how! I wasn’t getting any clue about it.

Meditation went out of question so I thought of finding some other easier way to begin with. Then I found another way to handle life better. I asked myself a question…

Why do I get triggered in a conflicting situation?

The answer to this question made me understand myself better and get the hang of things more efficiently. Thus began my ‘self processing’ that made me conclude that the cause of all the turmoil in life was my EGO.

It was my ego that was getting hurt by others’ words and actions. Once pricked, it became the most difficult to be controlled. Every time someone judged me or acted against my wish, I lost my temper as it hit my ego. I was not ready to give up my ego because my past memories, that created my personality were too deeply embossed inside me. The only way out is clearing those memories.

Is it really that easy to clear all memory data from your mind?

Surely not. Then, what to do, I thought. This was a real challenge. Then wisdom prevailed and I got a way out. The easy trick was that whenever I saw a provocative trigger, I asked myself this question…

“Is this provocation meant to hurt my ego or me?”

Strangely enough, the moment I separated my ego from myself, things began to change. This one question made my ego a shield to protect the real me. I might be wrong in using my ego as a protective shield or a guard but that was something which worked for me.

Today I understand that ‘ego’ is not my reality. People can shatter my ego not me. This detaching of ego from me became my first step to clear my past memory data.

Control that one moment that can change your life

It is a long process, a lifelong one. My past memory data is being handled with the help of Ho’Oponopono prayer. The moment my ego gets hit, I begin to ask forgiveness for not being aware about my past memories causing the present. Asking for forgiveness reminds me of my humility leading to gratitude towards one and all.

Control on that one decisive moment makes ego take a back seat and I get the power to control my mind and situation. That changes everything for me.  It is as easy as that.

If you feel that life is being unfair to you, try this and like me you too can regain control and change life. All one needs is to take the first step and own responsibility of everything that is happening within and without oneself.

Next time when your vices get triggered, take a moment to think… Would you like to be a victim to your ego?

Remember, Peace begins with you.

If you like this post please share with everyone who is in need. Don’t hesitate to ask for help and assistance for your relationship issues… I am all ears. 

Cheers and peace.


  1. A really insightful piece of work. Thank you for penning this.
    If I may ask a question.
    How do I begin this routine of clearing my past data or my pain body?

    • Hi Shweta, Thank you for liking the post and commenting here. Initially I just started with reciting Ho’Oponopono prayer like a four phrased Mantra. Start with it and keep asking yourself, “What is it that is causing me this pain body?” Later on use Ho’Oponopono prayer as a tool to blank out from any conflicts you do not wish to respond to. You can read my previous post on Ho’Oponopono here in my blog. Hope it would help. Remember, ‘Peace begins with me’

  2. Love the way you explain mam…Indeed it eye opening to me who still fighting with emotional n body pain.Thank you for sharing it.Peace


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