Isn’t that ‘Sexist’?

Isn't that 'Sexist'?

Isn’t that ‘Sexist’?

Isn't that 'Sexist'?

“How can you even think of leaving a government job?”

“I have always seen my mother working overtime as a wife, mother and a thorough professional so had decided very early in my life that after becoming a mother I will not work outside. I want to do what I enjoy and being a full time mother is something I have decided in favour of.”

“Isn’t that ‘sexist’? I mean what about your dream job, and why must only a woman take care of children?”

“Really! Is deciding in favour of enjoying motherhood and thinking of own well being ‘sexist’? No way!”

“Hmmm! Tell me, why should you leave your profession when you can manage home and profession both with elan? Most of the women are doing that nowadays and you saw your mother managing things that way.”

“Exactly that is what my point is. I saw my mother ‘managing’ life and not living it. She did what she thought was right for her. Moreover, I am not my mother thus not willing to compromise on my physical and mental health juggling between two different worlds. And what for? One extra pay packet? Is money that important?”

“But in a few years you will fulfill your long cherished professional dream. Think of that. And will you please stop being so stereotyped!”

“Wtf! Why are we always obsessed with these messed up terms ‘Sexist’ and ‘Stereotype’ to describe even the simplest of things? You think my wish to enjoy my motherhood and cherish my children’s growing up moments is being stereotyped? Oh! give me a break. You know what, I feel it is the other way round these days. You are the one who is trying to stereotype me by trying to make me think about something that every modern woman is doing now a days. You are the one who should be called a sexist because you are expressing a prejudiced viewpoint against me. Why is it necessary to follow what every other woman in the world is doing?”

“Wow! wait a minute. Am I being a sexist? Are you crazy? You don’t want to be liberated from the shackles of past and if I am trying to help you think like the other women of the world, you call me sexist? You are losing it now.”

“Yes, I call you sexist and stereotype because you think since the whole world is talking about sexual liberation and feminism so I too should blindly do so. Thanks but no thanks. I am not a pseudo feminist who feels that spending money on making her little kids stay in a day-care and get rid of responsibility makes her a cool independent woman. I don’t want to be that pathetic free willed woman who is ready to go any length just to be a professional role model for my generation. That is not what I am in the truest sense. I cannot bare open my personal life just for the sake of breaking stereotypes because I believe in what I am doing. I would hate to be that kind of caring mothers who after seeing bruised knees of toddlers go shouting to the day care facility or yell at the nanny for not taking care of their kids. I will prefer being a stay at home mom and teach my children how to bravely handle a fall. I wish to make them understand that while growing up they will fall and get hurt and it is not a big deal. A ‘Sexist’ and ‘Stereotype’ is not the woman who gives up everything for her children but the who gets carried away by feminazi mindset blindly.”

“You know what, I am done with you. Do whatever you wish to do but don’t call me later when you repent your decision.”

“No, never ever will I repent any decision of my life because my decisions are my personal choices not blind following of a world wide idea of freedom. So that is it. Aah! by the way, if you ever need some support, I will always be there to help you.”

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