Miracle of Ho’Oponopono



Miracle of Ho’Oponopono

I had been off radar for almost two months due to a sequence of health issues. In the month of May, I had a brush with death in the car accident making me almost immobile for a month. Then came in the latest addition in my long list of age related health woes, Cervical Spondylosis. I know, no big deal at the age of 52 but despite having a high pain threshold, this condition was really bad.

I had always been trying hard to stop feeling anything in my heart and be numb for a while, but let me tell you, a numb arm really sucks. For the first time I was thankful to God for the pain and sensations because not being able to feel anything is nothing less than a painful death.

Struggle is my middle name

I had always been struggling to achieve one thing or other all through my life. Last few years saw me struggling for weight loss, peace, love and compassion. I had been trying my best to bring calm in my mind and heart. From morning till night I had been trying various guided meditations and chanting but nothing seemed to work at all to control the never ending stream of negative thoughts which were filled with regrets, sadness, self blame, stress, being wronged and guilt. Recently I was at my lowest low and had begun to contemplate renunciation of world.

Universe listens to the wrenching hearts

I am a regular with videos of Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev, who talks logic with a great sense of humor while discussing spirituality for the worldly beings. While watching those, I hit upon a YouTube channel ‘SynchroShakti’ by a young girl named Kartika Nair. This channel discusses the power and miracles of an ancient Hawaiian prayer, ‘Ho’Oponopono’. “Anything to stop my brain from busting and bring calm in my heart”, I thought and read about Ho’Oponopono online.

Yes, the ‘Universe’ decided to respond to my wrenching heart through Ho’Oponopono and brought the much sought relief to my aching heart and body.

What is the core thought of Ho’Oponopono?

This prayer is based on the core thought that there is nothing outside us. We are a microcosm in the macrocosm. Everything that is happening inside or outside us is all happening in our mind. We can clear our mind by acknowledging our responsibility for all that is happening in and around us. This can be accomplished by understanding the four thoughts Ho’Oponopono are based upon…

  • Repentance… I am sorry.

  • Forgiveness….Please forgive me.

  • Gratitude….. Thank you.

  • Love…… I love you.

After discovering the prayer, just out of the dire need to chant something positive I began reciting it. This chanting opened up my mind to the fact that I am not what I think I am. I am much more than the woman full of physical and emotional pain. To be free from my emotional and physical blockages all I needed was to apply the prayer to myself.

I keep chanting …

I am sorry. Please forgive me. Thank you. I love you.

My words were not addressed to anyone so I opened up to my own faults. I was suddenly accepting my responsibility for everything that was upsetting me. All that was happening or had happened in the past was all creation of my conscious and subconscious mind.

So now what should be done?

I needed to apologize to myself, forgive myself, say thank you to the Universe for manifesting my positive thoughts and begin loving myself.  Oh! yes, another thing that I think of a lot these days is about myself in a parallel world. That I will talk about in the next post.

Yes, I did all this one whole day. Any thought that agitated me was shut down by the Ho’Oponopono prayer. In just one day my negative thoughts were clearing up. This prayer became a diversion for my mind to shoo off all blockages, negativity, stress and emotional triggers.

And the miracle happened….

Almost overnight my cervical pain was gone. I slept like a baby. Woke up fresh at 5 am without any alarm. My swollen ankle pained no more. In just two days I restarted my walks. After a painful gap of two months, I am now back to my work.

Today in about four days time I am physically healed of all the pain. My energy level has got better. I pray forgiveness for all the harm, I caused to my physical and emotional self.

So where is the miracle?

Miracle is that I have a clearer mind, more focused towards the personal goals of my life. Miraculously, my karmic and mental health is improving. I am getting ready to manifest all that I had always dreamed. It is making me let go of the past and no more anxious about future. My conscious mind is becoming aware of the beauty and peace in every little moment of life. My heart no more begs for sympathy or love. I can easily switch off my mind from the negative emotions triggers in daily life.

Above all, I find a smile on my lips all the time because when you accept yourself, universe blesses you with miracles.


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