My Journey From Fat To Healthy


My Journey From Fat To Healthy

Fat is not always unhealthy
My Journey From Fat To Healthy

Year 2011…

My journey from fat To healthy started in 2011. I was fat and very unhealthy. Once I went to see a doctor and while sitting on the patient’s stool, I fell down as I wasn’t able to control body balance That made me feel ashamed and depressed thinking what had happened to me. The doctor put me on anti-depressants and Orlistat, a medicine that helps preventing the absorption of fats from diet.

I hated myself because of my weight, bloated face and above all those yellow stains on my clothes as well as everywhere I sat. All I wanted was to lose weight. My sugar cravings were too strong to be controlled. Each time I tried, I failed. Comfort eating gave me relief and after that I hated myself all the more. It was indeed a vicious cycle. I started going for walks but couldn’t walk more than a few miles without being breathless in between.

Year 2013….

I felt healthier in 2013 but still fat. I went to the doctor again and he wasn’t able to recognize me after my 30 kg weight loss. My High BP medicines were stopped, Asthma inhaler was thrown aside and Thyroid medicine dosage reduced. I was walking anywhere between 10-12 km in a day and still was full of energy.

Year 2014/15…

I was my lowest weight ever in the last twenty years, but I was again feeling unhealthy. My Thyroid was giving me trouble, I was having issues with breathing and sleep pattern. I hated the way I looked like a sick and starved woman. Nope, There was something seriously wrong somewhere. I tried running and hurt my ankle, resulting in a difficulty in even walking.

Year 2016….

According to the ideal height weight chart being a 5’2″ female, my weight should be between 48-59 kg. What! Is it a joke? No way, I thought, I can never lose weight. What is the point in making effort when I can’t even fall in healthy weight range. Whatsoever I do, I will always be ‘Over weight’. So leave every thing and enjoy life. I let myself lose without realizing that fat is not always unhealthy and every body has a point which might not be ideal but can be called ‘Happy weight’.

Year 2017….

I regained half of my lost weight due to lower levels of activity and irritable thyroid gland. On the verge of getting back to the version with multiple health issues, I decided to chuck the scale. Every time I checked my weight and found it going up, it depressed me more. I was helpless, with a bad swollen ankle, genetic arthritis  issues and to top it all gaining mid body weight due to menopause. “What the heck”, I thought, “it’s not how my story is going to end as a sick, fat and depressed woman, who gave up her fight amidst the battle she was on.

Year 2018….

I finally took back the reins of my health without thinking about my weight or size goals. The decision to give my best in order to stay away from medicines other than Thyroid and Arthritis ones led me to Keto Diet.  It was a quick and very effective way to lose weight. A foodie like me couldn’t sustain it for long so decided to go for a regular diet. I understood that weight loss  transformation stories are simply the results of our habits. They should not in any way erode our sense of self worth.

Three months into my new way of living and I am happy and glowing from inside. I am walking daily anywhere between 5-10 km indoors and outdoors. Eating healthy food, avoiding gluten (affects my breathing pattern), consuming lots of fruits daily is giving results. Slowly but steadily I am losing extra weight again. Though still fat but I feel good and healthy. My blood pressure doesn’t need attention.

There was a time when I was going crazy to get an ‘XS’ size or the so called “bikini body” and for that I was being obsessed with my diet protocol and wasting more time on weighing and calculating food items than being constructively engaged in my life. Whole day I was thinking about food, workouts, losing weight and my body shape. I was almost a borderline case of Body Dysmorphia. That had to stop as all I had ever needed was a healthy body and a mind which was relaxed and gentle. I am no longer dying for my ideal body weight or ‘XS’ size clothing but just a healthy body which can move around whole day without any pain and digest the consumed healthy meals.

The Last Word….

Remember it’s not worth running after the ‘Ideal Body’ at the cost of a ‘Healthy Body’. It is always better to think of a healthy body, workout and eat well so that one can live a good life. Being fat doesn’t always mean being unhealthy, all you need is to feel strong and capable.

Take care of yourself so that you can take charge of your life and take the world head on. I am doing it, you can do it too.

Cheers to life and good health.


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