The Ultimate Jigsaw


The Ultimate Jigsaw

The Ultimate Jigsaw

life is the most intricate puzzle; a jigsaw, no one can solve. When the game is about to end you realize and repent the blunders you made. You strive hard to takeover the game but its all over by then. You fret, you fume and then accept the destiny with regrets.

Is it Destiny?

Life grants you opportunities and if you catch hold of them at the right moment,  then you can be the winner otherwise there is nothing else but repentance written all over your existence. There are many questions that perturb me.

  • What leads to failure despite hard work? Are things just destined to happen like that?
  • Is it humanly possible to recognize those exact moments of opportunities?
  • What makes us grab or lose opportunities? 
  • How important is the role of destiny in human life?

Personally speaking, I am a firm believer in destiny and it’s role in our life. I believe that if we are destined to get something then our every step moves towards it but if you are not, then do whatever you want to, your every step will take you away from it.

My experience tells me, when we feel that all the pieces of this ultimate jigsaw called life are falling apart, things are actually falling in place. When we suffer failure and feel shattered; I believe, somewhere down the lane, the same failure surely proves to be beneficial for us.

If destiny is leading us towards everything, then why work? Why not keep waiting for the destined path to push us towards the right direction? Yes, I do believe in the ultimate role destiny plays in life but I work hard for everything. I work hard to keep internally broken relationships going; to keep underpaid jobs going. I keep dreaming despite a million shattered dreams because at the final moments in my life, I would hate to think that I didn’t make any extra effort to achieve my dreams and goals. I know when my today will become a memory, I will be proud of myself and my efforts not ashamed of myself.

Build Life Not Memories

Each life is a ruthless jigsaw until we figure out the right placement of each moment. We need to do it before it becomes a memory.  Memories might scar our heart but life carries on. They might kill us from inside but life has to go on smooth and uninterrupted on the external. By the end of the day whatsoever pain and heartbreak memories might bestow on us, some part of it will always be heart warming. These are those chosen moments that make us feel vulnerable yet so strong in heart.

Play with life as much as you can for it is the ultimate jigsaw.


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