Moments called life

The Moments called life by Kanan

Moments called life

Moments called life

“Life is not all about one moment of today. It hides in each one of them sprawled between two moments named birth and death.”

All right that was just a thought I had in my mind for quite some time now but this thought was potential enough to trigger my “Talk out” with myself.

Each morning I throw a new set of words which can be called my ‘Life Questions’. These are the questions that help understand my own inner self better and lead me on to the unending path of self healing. These questions keep my mind busy throughout the day and the answers, help in the healing process…(Yes, we all need healing for one reason or other)

Value the moments called life

The most important lesson, taught by my life experience is to gauge the value of moments in life. There are two basic points of any life; birth and death. In between those two, there are innumerable moments, big and small.

When we step into those moments, it is for us to ascertain their value. We need to decide whether a particular moment which is demanding attention has beauty or utility quotient. Despite all care taken, chances of wrong judgement cannot be denied. From the bouquet of good decisions of today, might turn out to be the worst one after some time. Similarly a choice, we choose to ignore today, might be a missed opportunity for long term happiness.

Most of the times, we get carried away in a particular moment because of our priorities in life. For some, its a well calculated professional dream while for some it might just be a call of emotions. Whatever it might be, there are just two basic questions to be answered honestly….

  • Is this decisive moment really a matter of life and death?
  • Twenty years from now what kind of moments of joy do you see yourself in?

Personally, I had always been an emotional decision maker and life has taught me the hard way, never to get carried away in the heat of a moment. 

One moment dealt in a wrong way might change the whole life track of an individual. I have made wrong decisions related to my career, which I later did repent. As I mull over those decisive moments, I realized that the focal point while making decisions then was just one, my kids. One role of mother changed the track of moments called life. 

Explore, dream, discover

Mark Twain said,” Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things that you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines. Sail away from the safe harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore. Dream. Discover.” Individuals fail to ‘throw off the bowlines’ and ‘sail away from the harbor’ thus making them losers in one field.  Fact is that we never stop dreaming, discovering or exploring, it’s just the focus that shifts according to the demand of a particular moment. 

It is your call to take a decision about your prime role in between those two basic start and end points named birth and death because the moments in between called life is all about creating beautiful memories not regrets. Make each decision a reason to smile not regret. No one is sure about death but life might go on for many moments after the present one.

Love life to live without regrets.


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