She Gives Away Her Best So That They Could Bloom

She gave her all so that they could bloom...

She Gives Away Her Best So That They Could Bloom

Yesterday was Mothers Day. Social media was abuzz with activity. I too wished my mother in the morning. Frankly speaking,  mother is not a person to be remembered and thanked on one particular day in an year. Each mother is a story of love and a saga of sacrifices.

One thing that breaks a mother’s soul is when her hopes are shattered. Expectation is the reason for all disappointments. All that a mother asks for is emotional support, care and smiles as gift from her children. Is she asking for too much?

The mother tree

Mother Tree
She gave her all so that they could bloom…

Every morning when I go for a walk, I see this tree. It is a weak looking, thin stemmed tree, full of bright yellow blooms. Incidentally there is no other flowering tree in the vicinity. Today morning as I crossed it, weirdly enough my mind equated the tree to mothers. I was reminded of all those mothers who couldn’t afford a lavish lifestyle. The mothers, who worked hard enough to make their children get everything that they could not.

Mother’s world is really strange and weird

There are mothers who give their best to enable the children grow into beautiful human beings, despite all kind of physical and emotional abuse they had to go through themselves. There are mothers who despite their personal emotional insecurities, struggle to provide emotional strength to children. Mothers who are ready to fight for their children and mothers who can kill anyone to keep their children safe.

I am a mother too. There are times when I have been blamed for behaving like, ‘Gandhaari’.

Once I asked my mother, “It seems, you love my younger sister more than me.” She looked at me with blank expressions and said, “A mother has to stand by the child, who is the weaker one. The one who cannot take a stand for herself.”

It was heart breaking then but today I can understand. A mother child relationship is a strange equation. They compliment each other and at moments when the mother as a woman is about to breakdown, it’s her children give her strength. The stronger one pushes her to fight and the weaker one becomes the reason to keep the fight on. A mother gives away her everything so that the  most colorful spring of her life keeps blooming.

Time to let them go…

A mother gives her best to her children and make them ready to take on the world. For that she has to let them go. That is a difficult thing to do. It is one lesson that she has to learn herself first. Before the children learn how to handle their lives, the mother has to learn it for herself.

Mother empowers her children and make them ready to face the world on their own. That is the test of life-skills and values learnt, not only for the children but also for the mother.

A mother can show her kids the right way to go, but can not walk their path. They have to go ahead, crossing all the hurdles themselves, but yes, whenever she sees them giving up in their struggle, she pops up like a cheer leader to give them the required nudge to keep on going.

Keep fighting….

Life is difficult but giving up is never an option. Keep fighting and give your best shot because you have your dreams, which only you can fulfill. Remember, your failure in achieving your dreams will be your mothers’ failure too because long back I gave up my dreams so that you could fulfill yours.” Those will be my words to my children till I breathe my last.

Kiddos, you have to keep moving ahead, Keep going on for your mothers’  sake because she has given her best to you when you needed her, It’s payback time now.

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