Perfect Imperfections

Perfect Imperfections by Kanan

Perfect Imperfections

Perfect Imperfections by Kanan

 Perfect Imperfections

Few years back I initiated a ‘Personal Blog’ and began recording my personal experiences as a young girl. That blog was named “live- love -die” which was my attempt to “relive an imperfect but happy life, lost somewhere looking for perfection.” Then I realized that it had become so personal that it started scaring and pulling me down with depressing thoughts.  One fine day I realized that ‘Perfect life’ was ‘Utopia’. I understood that there is no point dreaming of heavy showers of laughter ignoring the light sprinkle of smiles and joy that is all around me. Thus evolved my new world “ Perfect Imperfections” which celebrates with me the random imperfections of life and our times.

When I crossed the much awaited 50th year of my life, I realized that the major chunk of my life was already over. Believe me it wasn’t that beautiful at all. Life tested me at each and every step and I did all that I had never thought of doing. Today what amazes me about myself is that I fought everything out and survived. The testing times made me realize my strengths as well as weaknesses. I realized (contrary to my self-belief) that I had a lot of patience and that is what provided me inner strength against all odds.

Rediscover yourself and accepting “ Perfect Imperfections”

I had always believed that life is beautiful and happiness very fragile. It was this belief that kept me always ready to face any adversary at the very next step. There are a few lessons my greatest teacher ‘Experience’ has taught me.

  • When everyone turns against you, love yourself even more.
  • Your happiness is your personal goal. No one around you is duty bound to keep you happy. 
  • Never ever think of ‘investing’ your emotions or ask for a payback as that will make you emotionally miserable which you don’t deserve to be.
  • Life flows like a river manipulating its own path through all odds and hindrances. Don’t mess with it unnecessarily, or you might slip off the right track. Just keep the flow going and believe that all will be good at the end.
  • There is no harm in lying low in life for a while if all odds are against you. Remember a shallow stream makes a better way ahead without causing destruction all around it than a strong cloud burst which creates havoc for a while and then just vanishes leaving behind sad memories.

Cheers to life and its perfect imperfections.


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