Trolls, Why Bother About Them?

Trolls, Why Bother About Them? A health blog that had posted my weight loss story four years back, re-posted it on their Facebook page. A...

Let Her Laugh

A young girl's Fb post made me revisit my past, 25 years back when similar were the issues, I used to think and fight for. Though I feel good to realize that I was so ahead of my times but it pains to accept that times actually haven't changed much. 25 years is like ages.

Cheers To Friendship

Cheers To Friendship 2011 was my life changing year. This was the year when I took the first independent decision in my married life and...

Curb Ego, Not Self Pride

I always loved children and used to feel like a mother even as a ten year old. It seems the whole world around me always knew about it, that is why during various family and social functions I was always made the Kids' In-charge. After many years...

Perfect Imperfections

Few years back I initiated a ‘Personal Blog’ and began recording my personal experiences as a young girl. That blog was named “live- love -die” which was my attempt to “relive an imperfect but happy life, lost somewhere looking for perfection.”