Love Thyself first

Love thyself first by Kanan

Love Thyself first

Love thyself first by Kanan

Today I complete 48 years of my life and this year I am determined to be the first one to wish myself a very happy and positive year ahead.

I am happy

Happiness is our own state of  mind and we are our own masters, quite a cliche, isn’t it?  That is in fact the most overstated as well as understated statement.

No one in this world has the right to hurt me till the time I allow that person to do so. We all know that but is it that easy a task to accomplish? No, it’s not but it’s surely worth making an effort.

Hostility affects the psyche tremendously but we need to safeguard ourselves. The best way to maintain your own peace and sanity is by ignoring negativity around yourself. It is difficult, yes but with a little practice it becomes possible.

Karmic debt…

I am a strong believer in the theory of rebirth and Karma. My wish is to clear all my karmic debts, in this life. If my karma is right and sincere then others’ negative vibes for me doesn’t matter. If someone tries to hurt me for no fault of mine then I need not get upset. Yes, I am working towards clearing my Karmic debts.

Each day of these 52+ years has made me stronger and better in one way or other. I have got hurt, I have cried, I have tried and failed innumerable times but each time I have recovered and better healed than earlier. The two magic words that did it are ‘Hope and Faith’.

Every day I feel blessed to rediscover the biggest strength of any individual, ‘Optimism’ and  the ‘Will power to survive’ the worst storms in life.

I remind myself on a daily basis that if I won’t love myself for what I am, then I don’t have any right to expect love from others. One who loves and accepts oneself unconditionally  won’t ever need validation from others.

Love thyself first

The thumb rule to lead a happy and peaceful life is to ‘love thyself first’. It is my life and its my responsibility to ensure that no one but me is its master.  I Remind myself every morning, Live this beautiful life with love because that is the only truth and beauty worth longing for.

Live well and Love everyone but Love thyself first.


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