Immortality Or Death

Immortality Or Death by Kanan

Immortality Or Death

Immortality Or Death by Kanan

Till some time back I was in ‘questioning and healing’ mode, so here was another trigger to talk out with my inner self.

  • What is the truth; Immortality or Death?
  • Is there anyone in this world who can be immortal?
  • Why are we looking for Immortality?
  • What is timeless, Death or Immortality?
  • Isn’t Immortality just a ‘Utopia’ created by philosophers?

We wish to be immortal through our actions, words, feelings, thoughts so on and so forth, but can anything live on till eternity? Generations come and go, nothing is permanent in this world. Each and every step that we take after birth takes us towards only one truth and that is DEATH. One who is born has to die. One might be the greatest possible individual whose actions and life might be immortalized in various ways but till when will that individual be remembered? How many generations of people will think of that individual? Three- four- or may be ten – twenty- hundred – thousand —- then — after that what? Immortality is a utopia — a world of dreams which can never be true.

Eternity is Utopia

When we talk of being immortal, aren’t we talking about time? Time goes on and never stops. Agreed but isn’t thinking of being immortal is stretching time too far? Nothing stays till eternity as eternity is nothing and something that is nothing can never be the reality.

Eternity by Kanan

Time is also not eternal it is bound in a loop of life and death. We take birth when our time begins and our time ends with our death. The only constant in this world is the cycle of Life and Death. This is the only eternal and immortal truth. Death is the balancing act of nature and a chance for living beings to refresh and restart their journey in another loop of time.

Death is not an end to life but another chance for life.

Immortality on the contrary is like  walking in a straight line; and walking in a straight line you stay happy collecting shells and pebbles whatever comes your way because there will never be any chance to go back and change what you don’t like. Immortality is accepting your fate and keep moving ahead like zombies without any eagerness to change the situations life threw you in.

Death is change and not accepting your fate as it comes. It is a new chance to relive your dreams in a better way. Death is redemption from your old ‘Karmas’, while immortality a punishment to keep suffering the repercussions of the wrong decisions you took in life till eternity.

Death is a blessing to optimists and I undoubtedly am one because I wish to travel in this one loop of time “Live Love Die” gifted to me by the super power above and then skip over to another loop of “Live Love Die” with the hope of some old unfulfilled dreams to be fulfilled and a new destination to be explored.

What do you feel about Death and Immortality?


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