Alone Is Not Lonely

Alone Is Not Lonely I was raised in a family where no vacations meant family gatherings. Those times were different, laid back and fun. Today the world is different. We have  all turned into islands...

What Difficult Relationships Teach Us

What Difficult Relationships Teach Us The day we enter this physical world, we become part of a quagmire called 'Relationships'. Parents, siblings, family, extended family, friends so on and so forth. Some relationships bring in...

Love Thyself first

Today I complete 48 years of my life and this year I am determined to be the first one to wish myself a very happy and positive year ahead.

Moments called life

All right that was just a thought I had in my mind for quite some time now but this thought was potential enough to trigger my "Talk out" with myself of the day. Each morning I throw a new set of words which can be called my 'Life Questions'.

The Ultimate Jigsaw

life is the most understated puzzle, a jigsaw which no one can solve and by the time the game is about to end you realize the blunders you made.

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