Belief, Subconscious And Conscious Reality


Belief, Subconscious And Conscious Reality

Our personality is the result of our beliefs. These beliefs create our reality through our subconscious mind. We can say that our acts are linked to our belief, subconscious and conscious reality.
We see, feel and hear many things all through our childhood. All these experiences create our beliefs. These beliefs make us merge into our communities and peer groups. The question arises..

Are all our beliefs always right?

There are no right or wrong actions. Most of our acts are the result of our beliefs, which can be called conditioned thoughts. We grow up with certain beliefs which need not remain ‘our’ own as we grow up. Personal experiences or urge to question old beliefs result in a paradigm shift in our programmed mind.

Can we change our beliefs?

Programmed thoughts are beliefs. Thoughts are ingrained in our subconscious mind through repetition. We can change our beliefs anytime with a little intention led practice. Recognizing and accepting that we need to change is the first step.

How do our beliefs affect our reality?

Beliefs create fears and limits
Beliefs, subconscious and conscious reality

People have phobias, limitations and they feel powerless. All this is caused by what they believe about themselves. We can create our own realities. Really! So why must we not create something different to be all that we feel, we can never!

This is the truth that our beliefs create our reality.

“We believe, so we are.”

Other day, I was discussing with my daughter, the possibility of genes affecting our beliefs. I found an article quoting a book,’The Biology Of Belief’, by Dr Bruce Lipton. In this book, Dr. Lipton explores the biochemical effects of brain functioning. He  demonstrates how all the cells of human body are affected by thoughts. According to him, we can change our health and life by changing our thoughts.

How to change life by changing thoughts…

Our conscious mind acknowledges our positive and negative experiences. All those experiences become our thoughts and we store them in our subconscious mind. What we do consciously is based on those stored experiences.  To change our lives for better, we need to remove the old data from our subconscious mind and feed in the new data. The new data must come from the new experiences, lead to conscious mind after crossing the sub conscious one.

Subconscious mind is our ‘Habit mind’. It has more power than the conscious mind. Since it is habit mind and an extremely powerful one, so it is difficult to control or change it. There are three ways to bring about a change in our subconscious mind.

  • Self hypnosis ….

Using prerecorded affirmations or meditation sessions to control mind can work effectively for self hypnosis. This method works wonders when done at night just before sleeping. That is the time when our conscious mind switches off and subconscious one takes over.

  • Repetition….

Repeat the acts of change. Consciously make efforts to repeatedly tell yourself what beliefs you wish to change in your life. It is done just the way we learnt the basics of languages or basic maths tables, keep repeating till it becomes second nature.

  • Creating new habit…

To rewire brain for creating new beliefs, we must clear up the old beliefs and place new ones in their place. Constantly repeating the new belief helps to bring about a positive change in our lives.

To rewrite our new stories we must rewire the subconscious brain. Believe that you can do it. Make a conscious effort to practice and repeat. Over the period of time we will surely be able to win our mind.

“It is all about the power of our mind. A mind that can question prevailing beliefs, can create new reality through our subconscious mind.”


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