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52 years old, self explorer, dreamer and seeker of inner truth and peace since birth.
One day in Auroville

Auroville, The Utopia In India

Auroville, A date with Utopia Few months back trying to streamline my life, I made a bucket list. Among the first ten was "visit Auroville". Who knew at that time that it won't be anything...

Pranic Diet For All Round Well Being

Pranic Diet For All Round Well Being In my 52 years of life there has been one thing that I have experimented with a lot and that is my diet. I was born and brought...
Mystery of Krishna's Butter ball

Mamallapuram’s Mystery Of Krishna’s Butter Ball

Mamallapuram's Mystery Of Krishna's Butter Ball My recent amazingly short trip to Puduchery was like a dream. By the time I realised what was happening, the trip got over. It was a perfect example of...
Plan a trip

Why You Must Plan An Unplanned Trip

Why You Must Plan An Unplanned Trip! You think, I am going crazy, talking about planning something that is supposed to be unplanned... No, Instead of judging, why not think of possibilities in the most impossible...
imperfect is unique

Imperfection Is Uniqueness

Imperfection Is Your Uniqueness This bird which comes to my backyard daily, is a special one with a distorted beak. There is another thing which makes it special, and that is its fearlessness. Without any...
Life goals

A New Day Never Fails Anyone With Life Goals

A New Day Never Fails Anyone With Life Goals Robert Browning said, "My sun sets to rise again" and a vain young girl with well ironed life goals smirked, "Well, Mr Browning, every one's sun...

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